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An independent creative, digital, marketing and public relations agency. We are brand psychologists, audience behavior analysts, data geeks, strategic content creators and communicators. We help brands and organizations help themselves.
We Are Now Proud To Be Known As The Pollack Group

We took the plunge. We are changing our agency’s name from The Pollack PR Marketing Group to the The Pollack Group.

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Celebrating The Pollack Group’s 20th Anniversary Of Our Partnership, In The Worldcom Public Relations Group

The impact of this partnership has become a worldwide advantage for agency clients, as well as shared clients, with international and domestic interests.

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For First Time, CEOs Have Their Say In 2019 Global Communications Report From USC Annenberg

There currently exists a gap between perceptions of what media silos are important to communications professionals compared to that of CEOs.

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How To Adjust PPC Campaigns For Google’s Redefined COVID-19 Search Patterns

COVID-19 has impacted many industries and their PPC campaigns, but understanding how to adjust to the rapidly changing trends can help keep campaigns and businesses agile during this uncertain time.

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Creating Quick, Quality Video Content While Staying At Home During COVID-19

Video can be particularly hard to produce when no one is in the same room. So, what are your options for producing high-quality content during the time of COVID-19?

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A Quick Guide To Coronavirus Crisis Communications

For PR professionals who are tasked with managing communications, the developing coronavirus situation is akin to building a plane, and flying it at the same time. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

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red all about itInteresting Reads - The Week Of April 3

Influencer marketing creators promote proper hand-washing technique, while streaming platforms are having a moment within this week's Interesting Reads.

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red all about itBarco Launches COVID-19 Scrubs Donation Program

To assist health care teams who are in dire need of supplies, Barco launched its COVID-19 donation program. In less than 48 hours, Barco surpassed 20,000 requests to donate scrubs.

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red all about itInteresting Reads - The Week Of March 27

Nike encourages people to 'play inside,' while Instagram has its own approach to encourage social distancing within this week's Interesting Reads.

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I truly enjoy working with the entire Pollack team. The Pollack Group's perfect blend of strategic thinking and always-on dedication is invaluable to our business.

Emma Froelich-Shea, FORMER VP Marketing, SodaStream USA

They are not only a PR agency, but rather also a strategic marketing partner that has helped us grow professionally, by helping us elevate the company to a completely new level.

Ze'ev barylka, director of marketing, netafim usa

The Pollack Group is not only excellent media relations advocates for Market Track, but we steadily rely on their partnership and strategic counsel.

traci gregorski, FORMER SVP of Marketing, Market Track

My time working withPollack has been a privilege. The team is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and patient.I always look forward to interacting with this team and I know they are one of the most reliable groups of people I’ve worked with.

Betsy watson, global communications manager, oakwood

Pollack has also become a steady partner in our overall marketing and branding strategy and we consider them part of our team, not just an external service provider.

Tyler Kelley, COO, Bel Air Investment Advisors

The firm is excellent. There is never a turn-down from them and all of their people are A-1. We would absolutely recommend the firm to anyone looking for a top-notch PR organization.

Ted Farnsworth, CEO, Helios and matheson analytics/moviepass
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