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TPG created the Noemi Pollack Scholarship in honor of its CEO and founder and to mark the agency’s 35th anniversary in 2020.
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The Gift of Memorial Day

Agency CEO and founder Noemi Pollack reflects on what Memorial Day means to her in the context of today's global world.

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An Agency Birthday Worth Counting...

Reflecting on the agency's 37 years of PR and marketing, and the secrets to staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly interconnected and wired world.

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The Workplace Dilemma: To Return-To-Office or Not...

Like many companies, our agency’s plan had always been to open post-Labor Day, albeit it in a hybrid way. Clearly there is a new normal, but with adaptability and flexibility, we are making it “our new normal.”

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Building Trust And Relationships, Amid Uncertainties In Cryptocurrency Markets

How can PR help crypto companies maintain trust when the market is filled with uncertainty and fear? Discover insights and recommendations from our team.

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Media Training WellRedThe Importance of Media Training

Being educated or passionate about a subject is simply not enough. We unravel the real reasons media training makes a difference, and how high-level executives can steer clear of any interview snafus.

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Soft Skills Multigenerational WorkplaceHow To Develop Soft Skills In A Multigenerational Workforce

Agency life is all about collaboration, but how do workers from different generations thrive as a team? Agency senior vice president Jackie Liu shares her thoughts.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Dissecting Marketing Campaigns That Stick

How can you win more attention for your brand and products? Check out recent creative campaigns launched by big brands as well as expert advice in this week’s Interesting Reads.

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red all about itIndustry-Leading Logistics Provider RPM Partners With The Pollack Group

Specializing in finished vehicle and freight transportation on an international scale, RPM has retained The Pollack Group to position its leadership as a lighthouse amid the storm of uncertainty in today’s economic landscape.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Experiential Marketing Projects That Inspire

Experiential marketing is all about impressing and inspiring your target customers through digital or offline activities. Learn from recent campaigns by renowned brands around the world, and find your own inspiration.

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