Elevating an EV Startup from Obscurity to Global Player

Since INDIEV, the Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup company, introduced its INDI ONE prototype in 2021, it’s become one of the industry’s most highly anticipated debuts. The heart of the vehicle is the Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC). Its advanced software allows riders (not drivers) to play the latest generation games; capture content while the vehicle is in motion thanks to interior and exterior cameras; live stream videos; and even shoot, edit, and upload content to the cloud – all from inside the vehicle. However, the company was reeling from unflattering media coverage because it lacked clear, strategic messaging. 

The Pollack Group developed new messaging and a strategic media relations strategy, leveraging major events like the New York International Auto Show and the new Electrify Expo to attract reporters to test the car’s incredible features in person. By repositioning INDIEV in the automotive landscape, the agency secured feature coverage across major national and global consumer, tech, automotive, and national news outlets naming the INDI ONE as one of the most anticipated new electric vehicles on the market. The agency also managed the grand opening events for INDIEV’s flagship Brand Experience Center in Beverly Hill’s famed Golden Triangle shopping district highlighting its state-of-the-art showroom, its influencer-friendly film studio and creators’ space, to civic and community leaders as well as to consumer EV car enthusiasts showcasing a new type of car-buying experience. The ultimate sign of success? TechCrunch naming INDIEV as one of the top threats to Tesla’s EV vehicle dominance.