Believer Meats

Bringing Cultivated Meat to the Masses

Cultivated meat, an innovative concept emerging within the food technology industry, aims to produce traditional meat products through lab and production facilities without animal slaughter or compromising the integrity of taste, cost, and nutritional value.  
Believer Meats (formerly Future Meat Technologies), the world’s first industrial line for cultivated “clean” meat, sought the services of The Pollack Group (TPG) to strengthen its visibility and credibility in the market, as well as to prepare for its official brand launch in the U.S. 
TPG was tasked with developing a communications strategy that included ongoing media relations to bolster the Believer name within prominent U.S. publications. To date, TPG has secured coverage and interest in dozens of top-tier publications, including Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Meat + Poultry, Food Dive, Authority Magazine, Food Navigator USA, and Forbes, to name a few. TPG also leveraged Believer and its executives as thought leaders in the food technology space for keynote speaking opportunities and opinion pieces.
As Believer prepares to open its first production facility in the U.S. for a tentative 2023 product launch, TPG continues to develop all external communications for upcoming product launches, FDA approvals, company milestones, and updated brand positioning.