Believer Meats

Bringing Cultivated Meat to the Masses

Cultivated meat, an innovative concept emerging within the food technology industry, produces traditional meat products through lab and production facilities without harming animals or compromising the integrity of taste, cost, and nutritional value. 

Believer Meats (formerly Future Meat Technologies), the world’s first industrial line for cultivated meat, retained The Pollack Group to strengthen its visibility and credibility in the market, as well as prepare for its official brand launch in the U.S. 

Notably, the agency led the company’s global communications strategies for two significant milestones: Believer’s December 2021 announcement that it raised $347 million in Series B funding and the groundbreaking of its first U.S. production facility in North Carolina in December 2022. The agency’s strategic plans covered every stage of communications, from drafting press materials to coordinating exclusive interviews to global media relations, and required careful coordination with various investors and strategic business partners.

Over the course of Believer’s tenure with the agency, TPG secured interest and coverage in dozens of top-tier publications, including Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Food Dive, to name a few. The agency secured more than 3,000 articles totaling more than 8.7 billion impressions. This coverage product innovation, company milestones and updated brand positioning. As a result of the agency’s efforts, Believer emerged as a significant player in the cultivated meat industry and a company to watch as this emerging category makes its way to American dinner tables.