Establishing An Online Farming Expert Community

Farming isn’t easy. To be successful, today’s farmer must be a master of many things. Enter XtremeAg.farm (XA), a community of highly successful farmers providing unparalleled access to their experiences, successes, failures, advice, and expertise. 

To launch the new online community, XtremeAg retained the agency to handle the production and editing of their digital content library, which includes articles and videos on farm equipment, strategies and tips, maintenance, inputs, agronomy, and many more topics. The agency’s LAB186 content production studio counseled on XtremeAg's website, segmenting hundreds of unique pieces of content, while setting up a member portal for XA’s subscription-based model. In addition, the agency worked with XA's expert farmers to acquire, edit, and distribute real-time field reports to create a steady flow of engaging content to subscribers nationwide. To raise awareness of XA’s offerings, the agency also developed XA's social media channels through organic and paid social media marketing strategies.