Dreamium Labs

Unveiling The World’s First Open Metaverse Platform

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have captivated consumer attention, even though the concept and definition of blockchain-backed content is still widely misunderstood. Numerous celebrities across music, television, movies, sports and social media have made money off their digital likeness, but NFTs remained elusive for the average Joe… until now.

In October 2021, Dreamium Labs, the world’s leading open metaverse platform developer, unveiled the Dreamscape Open Metaverse, a unique blockchain platform that is laying the groundwork for the next generation of digital engagement and monetization for users, creators and developers. It’s the world’s first open NFT metaverse platform that enables everyone to join simply by taking a selfie, which creates their full-body 3D ‘minii” avatar and blockchain account with an advanced NFT identity system. In November, the agency helped Dreamium Labs announce its first-ever PFP NFT campaign, “Mutants of the Metaverse.”  

In a massive end-of-year media blitz, The Pollack Group secured media coverage in some of the world’s most influential media outlets covering the metaverse, including Cointelegraph, MarketWatch and Quartz.