Bingo Blitz - Blitzy's Bakery

Producing a Viral Sensation with Blitzy's Bakery

Bingo Blitz, the world’s #1 bingo mobile app, enlisted Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson as both a spokesperson for the game and also a character in the game. Bingo Blitz developed a new game feature where users will be able to tour across Europe in Candace’s food truck to earn more points to play Bingo. In order to finish the game’s development and to create social media and marketing assets, Bingo Blitz hired the agency’s LAB186 to produce all need video and photographer assets. The agency used its green screen studio to produce footage and photos that will be used within the game and also on social media to promote the game and the new game feature. Production included pre-production planning, prop acquisition, production budget management, green-screen shooting and color-correcting, as well as production management with the client.