Memorial Day – A Reminder Of Lives Unlived

As the years and generations pass on, Omaha Beach will become yesterday’s landmark. And maybe that is OK. It will have been given its honor and respect. Memorial Day remains a reminder to all of us of lives unlived in any war.

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Humanity In A Time Of COVID-19

Something new has sprouted in the world. A certain humanity to others, a new kindness to strangers, a care as to who is in need. It is about the new sense of unity as a “us-against-it” mentality, with “it” now being COVID-19.

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USC Annenberg’s 2020 Global Communications Report Predicts Activism Will Play A Powerful Role In Our Lives

Activism in 2020 presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the PR industry to engage with these new activists, who play an increasingly powerful role in both work and our everyday lives.

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14 Tips For Personalizing Marketing Campaigns On A Budget

Your business doesn't have to let budgeting concerns get in the way of efficient and effective personalized marketing.

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COVID-19 Has Influenced Influence, But What's Next?

In a way, influencers are growing up and this is a test of their maturity. For brands and influencers, this means showing the value they create for their audiences when they especially need them.

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Brands Can No Longer Be Neutral

The act of staying apolitical is now, in effect, political. Brands are political forces that have the influence to make measurable change in society, and consumers will expect them to use that influence in bold and powerful ways.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Digital Escape Rooms Might Be Your Best Zoom Yet

KPop launches immersive online concerts, Gen Z adapts to the times as per their usual, and experience your best Zoom yet with digital escape rooms attracting COVID-19 isolators.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Amazon Robot Kills Coronavirus On Surfaces

How will Amazon's robot kill COVID-19? What is Twitter doing to prevent misleading information during a pandemic? Find out more within this week's Interesting Reads.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Google, Facebook's Continuing Chatbot Rivalry

The race to build the best chatbot, the Star Wars-Barbie collaboration you didn't know you needed, and Coca-Cola's newest ad film highlight this week's Interesting Reads.

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