Musings About A Company That Changed The World

Like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs changed the world and connected us in ways we could have never dreamed were possible.

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Memorial Day – A Reminder Of Lives Unlived

As the years and generations pass on, Omaha Beach will become yesterday’s landmark. And maybe that is OK. It will have been given its honor and respect. Memorial Day remains a reminder to all of us of lives unlived in any war.

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Humanity In A Time Of COVID-19

Something new has sprouted in the world. A certain humanity to others, a new kindness to strangers, a care as to who is in need. It is about the new sense of unity as a “us-against-it” mentality, with “it” now being COVID-19.

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Travel And Tourism, One Year Later

As the industry continues its recovery and restrictions are eased, it’s time to take stock on the pandemic’s impact on travel and tourism, how it will recover, and what changes might impact its future.

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Content Creation In A Time Of COVID-19: Unexpected Challenges And Lessons Learned

The agency had to get creative to produce high-quality, engaging photos and videos while emphasizing COVID-19 safety protocols. Here’s what we learned along the way.

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Five Takeaways From The 2021 USC Annenberg Global Communications Report

How does politics impact polarization and public relations? What role does communication play in social and business issues, and what are topics that are most important to both the public-at-large and the public relations industry right now?

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Duolingo’s New Approach To Bathroom Reading

Learn about Duolingo’s fun approach to toilet paper, a South Park-Adidas collaboration, and Tom’s new charity donation strategy within a product-focused Interesting Reads.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: An Adidas-Kermit Collaboration Promotes Sustainability

It isn't always easy being green. Learn more about an Adidas-Kermit collaboration, NFL star Marshawn Lynch's new favorite snack, and which sport is going all-in on TikTok in this week's Interesting Reads.

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red all about itPerch Mobility Taps The Pollack Group’s Content, Social Media And Media Relations Expertise

Perch Mobility owns and operates a network of proprietary micromobility charging centers, and is bringing in TPG to help coordinate the company’s debut as the premier charging station provider in a fast-growing gig economy sector.

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