Memorial Day – A Reminder Of Lives Unlived

As the years and generations pass on, Omaha Beach will become yesterday’s landmark. And maybe that is OK. It will have been given its honor and respect. Memorial Day remains a reminder to all of us of lives unlived in any war.

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Humanity In A Time Of COVID-19

Something new has sprouted in the world. A certain humanity to others, a new kindness to strangers, a care as to who is in need. It is about the new sense of unity as a “us-against-it” mentality, with “it” now being COVID-19.

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USC Annenberg’s 2020 Global Communications Report Predicts Activism Will Play A Powerful Role In Our Lives

Activism in 2020 presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the PR industry to engage with these new activists, who play an increasingly powerful role in both work and our everyday lives.

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13 Great Tips For Using Visual Content In Marketing

How can marketers strike a perfect balance when using visual content in their campaigns? A seasoned panel of industry experts has valuable tips.

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The Five Stages Of COVID-19 Responses From The Travel And Tourism Sector

A panel of travel and tourism experts outline how their industry has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they are planning for the future despite uncertainty around what is next.

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15 Ways Potential Influencers Can Attract Sponsors

Looking to become an brand influencer? Take a look at expert tips for getting noticed and showing your value to potential sponsors.

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red all about itSomething Different: We Need a New Pledge of Allegiance

We owe it to the next generation of America to honestly acknowledge the fact that every person has a different experience in this country and that we are not “all” together with the same rights and liberties

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Facebook Ad Boycott A Sign Of New Kind Of Corporate Activism

Companies are boycotting Facebook at rapid rates, music artists are turning to new avenues with concerts off the table, and what it means to be 'canceled' in 2020.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Morphe Partners To Launch Coca-Cola-Inspired Makeup Collection

Coca-Cola steps into the makeup industry, while fashion brands take a new social media approach within this week's Interesting Reads.

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