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Interesting Reads - Who’d Create a P.R. Crisis on Purpose? Well, Only the Sweat Was Real

Interesting Reads. Industry news that you may have missed.

Who’d Create a P.R. Crisis on Purpose? Well, Only the Sweat Was Real - The New York Times

In the digital age, when a corporate crisis unravels, it’s almost certain social media will add fuel to the fire. But what happens when a communications firm turns the table on the media? Outlets easily fall into the fictitious trap.

Source: The New York Times

How Snickers Used Social Media Outrage to Fuel the Year’s Most Innovative Media Plan - Adweek

Linking the public’s general irritability with the price of Snickers makes for a sweet combination. Creating a custom-built “Hungerithm” targeting consumer at particular hangry moments led to the drop-in price of Snickers.

Illustration: Ron Goodman

‘Netflix Is a Joke’ Billboards Unveiled as Comedy Campaign - The Hollywood Reporter

Netflix finally revealed what ‘Netflix is a Joke” billboards are all about. The elaborate advertising scheme features top stand-up comedians with the streaming services’ buzziest shows to promote old and new stand-up specials.

Source: Netflix

‘Likes Lead to Nothing’ And Other Hard-Learned Lessons Of Social Media Marketing - Forbes

Social media marketing’s evolution continues to have a gray cloud looming over the medium. Companies can reap creative ideas directly from customers, but as media spending increases, many still question the effectiveness of the platform.  

Meet Generation Z, the 'millennials on steroids' who could lead the charge for change in the US - Business Insider

Millennials? That’s old news. It’s all about Generation Z: the most diverse and inclusive generation yet. Check out this article for a deeper look into Gen Z and what we can expect from this age group.

Source: Shutterstock
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