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Video: Fun with the New PPMG Office Space

A few months ago, we took the plunge and did the big switch…

Yes, after 30 years in traditional office spaces, those with doors that separate each staffer, yet offer privacy, the agency moved into an open modern space, designed by us and specifically, for us. We chose the color red as our signature color – with red walls judiciously intermingled with white coupled with slate color flooring and accents. It was a bold move, one that left us exhilarated and feeling smug about our forward thinking, yet also concerned about potential consequences. The question of loss of privacy was uppermost in our minds, as was the potential of noise levels that could distract and hamper efficiencies. And then there was the question of everybody needing their own space – just because…

So we dealt with concerns and turned them into positives.   For one thing we used our wonderful views of the ocean and the city and created a space where everybody sat amid those views. Then we made sure that senior management joined in the open spaces and sat side by side with all staffers and interns. But, just in case, we created four small offices, all glassed in, should there be a need for private moments. And then we added smaller private meeting rooms should anyone need space for brainstorming or to confer with each other. These rooms are facetiously called Big Red, Junior Red and Mini Red, in line with our “Red” branding.

And what else happened just spontaneously, just as in any home, is that the open concept kitchen/dining area became our central hub for eating and chatting together. It spurred a new camaraderie and interesting conversations…

After we settled in, the enhanced culture that developed shortly thereafter, led to an idea by a handful of staff members to show off the new office space in a creative video that pokes a little fun at ourselves. After 30 years of successful business, I think we have earned the right to take a moment to have a little fun.

Take a look at the video and the lightheartedness of it all, which could never happen with closed doors.

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