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Quick Takeaways From PRSA-NY’s Deep Dive Into The Future of News

PRSA-NY image

By Hayley Jones

PPMG attended PRSA-NY’s Meet the Media event with Deputy Managing Editor of the New York Times, Rebecca Blumenstein, and CEO of D S Simon Media, Douglas Simon. Blumenstein provided an overview of the New York Times’ point of view on how the future of news is taking shape and what to expect upcoming stories to center on from the media company. Readers can anticipate these big stories to surround topics including Artificial Intelligence, the changing nature of work, technology, U.S. and China’s relationship, and the 2020 election. From Blumenstein’s comments, it's evident that digital is thriving as readers are turning to the publication's app for news and information over the hard copy. The company is also responding to the digital movement by launching a new TV series called “The Weekly” airing on Hulu and FX, bringing journalism to a whole new platform.

Privacy issues continue to be a main concern as people become more skeptical of Google’s data usage and Amazon’s Alexa, and Blumenstein believes these questions are just the beginning. However, she notes that while people are skeptical, they don’t really care about privacy as much as they state as measurable steps aren’t being taken to prevent information from being collected, Amazon Alexa’s continue to be purchased and Facebook settings remain the same. Lastly, readers are relying on trusted sources for breaking news now more than ever. Blumenstein says that people know they need to pay for quality and news they can trust, so for the New York Times, they believe they don’t need to be first when reporting on a story, but they need to be right.

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