Red is bold. It inspires, stimulates the spirit, spurs action and sparks passion. It signifies ambition, leadership and determination. Red is a State of Mind.


In 1985, a tight-knit group of passionate people had a vision for a new kind of agency with a straightforward and no-nonsense approach. They rolled up their sleeves and started turning that vision into a reality.

Today, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, the agency consists of people who believe that 150 percent effort is really just another way of saying that your first 100 percent is not all that impressive.

It is about people who prefer to skip the jargon, get real and deliver creative ideas and strategies that drive growth. And about its access to the international creative capability of 2,000 communicators globally, as a partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group.


Business Connectors

With decades of experience in countless industries, we help businesses connect to those that need to know and hear of them.

Media Experts

It is not just about having established relationships with online and offline media, rather it is what you do, when you do it, and how you get their attention when it matters the most.

Consumer Activators

While others are busy blasting messages at consumers, we work to understand consumer behaviors and wants, and then craft messages relevant to them to create meaningful interactions.

Brand Positioners

It is difficult to understand a brand’s DNA. We specialize in crystalizing your core message and differentiating your brand in the marketplace.

Social Influencers

It is not enough to only have a social media department. It is about creating clout to be influential, both offline and online.

Millennials, Xers, and Boomers in Harmony

Three generations of professionals, each with their own experiences and unique perspectives, respecting each other’s point of view and making it all come together as one. (Most of the time).

iGen/Gen Z Specialists

We have a profound understanding of their needs and wants and therefore get how brands can effectively reach them. We wrote the book on it.

Team Leaders

Noemi Pollack
CEO and Founder
Stefan Pollack
President and CFO
Jackie Liu
Senior Vice President
Stephanie Kirschner
Vice President
Emily Greifeld
Vice President
Brandon Buck
Digital Practice Lead
Jennifer Lewis
Group Supervisor
Jacob Freedman
Content & Social Media Director
Kalli Vetrano
Senior Account Manager
Dan Ahern
Account Manager
Jessie Peng
Assistant Account Manager
Jordan Zuppardo
Influencer Relations and Social Media Specialist
Alex Nathanson
Senior Advisor, Technology


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