Musings About A Company That Changed The World

Like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs changed the world and connected us in ways we could have never dreamed were possible.

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Memorial Day – A Reminder Of Lives Unlived

As the years and generations pass on, Omaha Beach will become yesterday’s landmark. And maybe that is OK. It will have been given its honor and respect. Memorial Day remains a reminder to all of us of lives unlived in any war.

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Humanity In A Time Of COVID-19

Something new has sprouted in the world. A certain humanity to others, a new kindness to strangers, a care as to who is in need. It is about the new sense of unity as a “us-against-it” mentality, with “it” now being COVID-19.

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Worldcom Confidence Index: The Pandemic’s Impact On Global Leaders’ Confidence On Critical Issues

What topics are receiving the most attention over the past nine months, and which areas of the communications industry are most concerning right now with global leaders?

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13 Clever And Effective Content Hacks You Should Know

Hacking the content creation process helps creators be more effective and efficient with the content they produce. What are 13 quick-hit tips you can use to get ahead?

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How To Use Scripts To Automate Image Editing

When we work on computers all day, there are some tasks that can be simplified through some basic automation, such as image editing. See how you can automate that process.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Why Is McDonald’s Only Using One Golden Arch?

Take a look at the symbolism behind the McDonald's move, a Mtn Dew-Bob Ross feature, and a far-reaching research report about the impact of digital technology on modern America.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: How Are Brands Doing In Reaching Visually And Hearing-Impaired Audiences?

A 2021 Super Bowl ad started a trend to be more inclusive in television advertising, but will brands keep the momentum going?

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red all about itInteresting Reads: TiKTok, Reddit Leading The Way In Fighting Hate Speech And Misinformation

TikTok and Reddit lead the charge in moderating while other platforms lag behind, while the rise of "adorkables" emerges as a new strategy for brands to reach Generation Z customers.

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