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Will Ostedt

Senior Advisor, Creative

A firm believer that the best brand marketers are those who paid the most attention to their psychology, sociology and philosophy professors, Will’s expertise lies in helping clients reach their intended audiences through compelling content and simplified messaging that works.  

Often called upon to play the role of the resident brand psychologist for those agency clients in need, Will has been instrumental in helping brands shed their inhibitions and overcome internal and external barriers to effective brand communications.

A native New Yorker, who spent his summers up to his knees in all types of manure while working on his family’s farm in western Iowa, Will never had any intention of applying his political science and sociology degrees to a career in public relations. So, he did what anyone else would do and entered the broadcast sports industry. 

After 6-years in network production and promotions, and no longer deterred by the challenge of explaining PR to his grandmother, Will made the jump to PR and joined the agency 18 years ago.

Applying his rural understanding and big city insight, with media production, brand marketing, creative content development and manure management experience,  Will excels at providing clients with well-rounded brand strategies that speak the language and correct tone of the intended audiences.

When not in the office, Will enjoys relaxing at his Los Angeles home with his wife, kids and dog.  Except for on Sunday’s in the Fall, when he can be found sitting on his couch in complete despair while watching his beloved New York Jets, as he has done for over 40 years.