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The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s New Bundled Service Options Solves Challenges In Existing LeadGen Programs

Lead Detective Marketing Agency

The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) has announced a suite of bundled LeadGen products and services to optimize clients’ lead generation systems. PPMG's service options are designed to fix challenges in clients’ LeadGen programs, ranging from branding and audience targeting to bottom-of-the-funnel conversion strategies and processes. PPMG’s product service bundles are designed to identify issues in the clients’ current approach, while delivering strategies and tactics that will more effectively capture and convert leads. Catering the bundles to meet verticals in which companies are typically looking for growth–such as website traffic, marketing share and new conversations – the agency provides an efficient approach, eliminating unnecessary services, and develops unique plans to generate engagement and minimize dead-end leads.

The bundles, which will be rolled out in October, include internal and external investigative tactics to determine what changes are warranted to garner more successful leads for clients. The packages are broken down into different tiers of services to identify, investigate and solve the mystery behind clients’ leads.

  • On the Scene: PPMG fully immerses itself into a company’s marketing and communications operations. The agency audits clients’ current marketing strategies, searching for the usual suspects—positioning, SEO, social media and more – to identify where the internal problem may lie.
  • On the Case: PPMG gets in the minds of the client's competitors and its customers to determine what about their lead funnel needs to be realigned, bolstered, or reconfigured.
  • Solve the Case: Using its expertise, PPMG develops a detailed plan to eliminate the issues, while creating an effective marketing strategy to help generate leads going forward.

"In light of clients’ and prospects’ continued demands for strategies to better attract and convert leads, we launched a product suite that is hyper-focused on conversion techniques to provide the most efficient way to help them," said Mark Havenner, VP of The Pollack PR Marketing Group. "Our packaged services eliminate unnecessary steps that typically come with full-blown marketing programs and, instead, are designed to get to the heart of the issues in a company's current LeadGen approach. Our new lead generation programs are hyper-targeted to help convert more quickly and deliver more sales qualified leads. This is an opportunity for companies that don’t need to retain a marketing firm long-term to manage programs that they can do internally, but still need the expertise to get their shop in order before they implement programs.”

“Because our agency’s roots are in PR, we are uniquely qualified to understand the nuances of target audiences and messaging, which makes our lead generation programs far more focused and effective than any agency that is solely relying on programmatic-based targeting. Simply put, the key to targeting is content, words and tone to influence key audiences,” added Stefan Pollack, president of PPMG.

To learn more about PPMG’s LeadGen offerings, please visit https://leaddetective.agency/.

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