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Interesting Reads - PR Monitoring & Reporting: 10 Ways Enhanced Tools Are Evolving Old-School Tactics

Interesting Reads. Industry news that you may have missed.

PR Monitoring & Reporting: 10 Ways Enhanced Tools Are Evolving Old-School Tactics - Forbes

Public relations tactics old and new are the foundation of best practices in the industry. See the rundown of how marketers see traditional PR practices evolve into newer approaches.

Rising Social Network 'tbh' Can Teach Us Exactly What Gen Z-ers Want - Inc.

The platform ‘tbh’ quickly rose in popularity as it struck an immediate chord with Gen Z. This anonymous polling app aims to help Gen Z-ers spread positivity and improve their mental and emotional health.

Marketers Need to Stop Looking at Mobile as a Channel. It’s a Lifestyle - Adweek

Marketers prioritize customer’s experience above anything else – some brands see this experience in mobile as another channel, while others push for a mobile-first element. But are these paths the right way to reach your audience? You might reconsider.

'Stranger Things' Snapchat Lens Takes Users to the Upside Down - The Hollywood Reporter

The Upside Down just became more real with the help of Snapchat. In this new AR experience, users are taken to an alternate dimension of the Byers family living room promoting the release of ‘Stranger Things 2.’

Celebrities are using a 99¢ app to make their Instagram photos literally sparkle - Business Insider

Make your Instagram posts shine with the 99¢ app that adds literal sparkles to your pictures and videos. From Ariel Winter to Kendall Jenner, this app is a must-have tool for celebrities.

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