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Noemi Pollack’s Desk (September)

Greetings: This month, of all that I read, what stood out for me is the question of online trust, uppermost in our minds. It is about that queasy feeling that nags at all of us... And which one of us isn't affected by the advent of "fake news?" But here we have a positive take...  The power of the smartphone among tweens and teens has gotten most of us unhinged, but now that ongoing fear has risen a notch. Twitter is "a-changing" on us. Imagine if the top of your feed was mostly tweets from so-called influencers, with a bunch of tweets from brands thrown in for good measure.  It would be a fundamentally different tool.  And finally, an article in Fast Company gives us tips as to how to strengthen our strengths.  Maybe you missed some of it, but here it is...

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