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Interesting Reads: Four Ways The Pandemic Changed Holiday Shopping

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Six Strategies to Help Marketers Win the Holiday Shopping Season - Portada

The 2021 holiday shopping season was set to rebound from the uncertainties and anxieties of 2020, so marketers need to make the most of the opportunities that emerged from how consumers shop and buy. It’s not safe to assume that means revisiting marketing strategies from 2019, or you'll be in for a big surprise.

For 2022, Uncertainty Is the New Certainty - Adweek

Marketers have survived another year of remote/hybrid work. Uncertainty has become the new certainty, as we move into 2022. Mastering your marketing approach to enable growth transformation, is the goal in the coming new year.

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Four ways holiday shopping has changed since the pandemic began - CNBC

The pandemic has changed a lot in our daily lives, but especially the way consumers shop within the retail industry. Shoppers have formed new habits, and new anxieties have emerged what with factory shutdowns and labor shortages. Preparing for the holidays is looking noticeably different than in previous years.

Source: Reuters
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