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Interesting Reads - In the era of Instagram, businesses use street art to attract customers

Interesting Reads. Industry news that you may have missed.

In the era of Instagram, businesses use street art to attract customers - Los Angeles Times

In the age of social media, millennials seek out creative murals and street art for the perfect backdrop to their Instagram photos. With this growing attraction, it creates the ideal lure for retailers targeting this selfie-taking audience.

Nearly half of U.S. teens prefer Snapchat over other social media - Recode

According to new research, U.S. teens say Snapchat is their preferred social media platform. Despite other platforms copying Snapchat’s features, Snapchat has been able to match the competition making it more popular than ever.

Facebook Lets Brands Dive Into People's Posts - AdAge

Facebook is exploring the option of allowing brands to study user’s posts and comments to drive better marketing efforts. This new tool could help marketers view social networking in a new dimension and is expected to be available next year.

The importance of digital trends in the workplace - Information Age

Advancements in digital and technology continually shape how businesses perform. Expanding employees’ digital skills is fundamental to the success of the company. These digital trends should be incorporated into your business to help improve the workplace.

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