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Interesting Reads - 5 Signs That Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead

Interesting Reads. Industry news that you may have missed.

5 Signs That Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead - Forbes

Affiliate marketing now has become a secondary option as more growth opportunities circulate the internet. Still a huge part of online marketing, these five signs prove that affiliate marketing continues to develop and is only getting bigger.

A new streaming service admits it's making commercials specifically designed to offend people -- and it's leading to a huge pay-off - Business Insider

The upstart streaming service fuboTV released a series of ads devised to push audiences’ buttons. In an effort to break away from competitors, these ads quickly garnered attention and controversy helping fuboTV surpass its 100,000-subscriber mark.

The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online - Pew Research Center

Fake news has been a main topic of conversation this past year, causing brands to reevaluate their transparency goals. Experts say that they are evenly split on whether the coming decade will reduce false online articles.

Where do people use Snapchat? A whole lot at parties - Recode

In a recent survey conducted by Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, data shows location matters for users. There is a significant gap between people who use Snapchat at parties and restaurants, compared to those who use it at museums and sporting events. 

CNN's 'Facts First' Brand Campaign Calls An Apple An Apple - AdAge

In CNN’s new minimalist campaign “Facts First” features an apple to serve as a powerful metaphor for fake news. Plain and simple, this campaign addresses misinformation in the media and its influence on society.

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