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Five Easy Ways To Make Your Facebook Marketing Not Suck

We asked our digital marketing team as to why brands often fail at Facebook marketing. They said, “how much time do you have?” Not having the time, we just asked them to give us Five Easy Ways To Make Your Facebook Marketing Not Suck. Here they are…

Don’t Bruise Your Audience

Hitting someone over the head repeatedly with a rolling pin rarely results in the sale of a rolling pin. So why would this work better with your Facebook marketing content? It’s no secret that consumers shop based on their emotions and are therefore more likely to purchase something that they can connect with, or that aligns with their values or their current life stage. Luckily, Facebook provides tools that allow marketers to easily research audience preferences and traits and, in turn, locate the right audience for the pitch. But don’t just rely on Facebook’s tools. Take the time to explore Facebook pages that are typical of your target audience to see how they engage with each other first-hand. Once you have an understanding of your audience, then you are able to develop marketing content that is specific to their values, emotions and life stages. Remember, Facebook favors quality over quantity when it is deciding when, and where, to place your content.


Prevent Your Ego From Getting In The Way

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. The sooner you learn that you are not always on the same page with your audience when it comes to content that resonates, the better off you (and your audience) will be. You’d be surprised how often the content that you think is on target, is often the least popular with your audience. Look, Facebook marketing is data driven, and what better place to learn as to what works than one with billions of users’ data? Try running two otherwise identical campaigns with different images, or slightly different ad copy, to see which versions are more popular with your target audience. Facebook has not only a built-in feature for running side-by-side tests, but they encourage its use. Split testing can help determine which approach is better for your campaign, as well as where your money should be going. Go ahead, print out that beautiful piece of content you designed and hang it on your refrigerator, but when it comes to marketing to your Facebook audience, it’s probably best to let the data help you make that decision.

Keep Fishing, But With A Hook

What blog post are you more likely to share from a fishing equipment retailer: one promoting the latest fishing rod or one ranking the 10 best places to go fishing with their equipment this summer? Now, more than ever, your content strategy needs to not only reach your audience, but engage them as well. Don’t just make your content ‘shareable’ to your audiences, make your audience want to share your content. The latest Facebook algorithm is favoring posts that receive “meaningful interactions.” What are these, you ask? For Facebook, it’s simple: comments, shares and engagements -- in that order. If you are not strategizing your content to engage users to comment and share, then you are just fishing without a hook.

Don’t Flush Your Money Away – Use Facebook’s Audience Tools

Now that we got your attention, If you are not utilizing the tools that Facebook provides to help you better target your customer, then you might as well flush your marketing budget down the toilet. In order to make a bigger splash with your audience use Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Facebook Pixels. You can create a connection between Facebook and your website, or your email marketing. These tools allow you to engage with people that have recently visited your website or webpage, engaged with one of your posts, or watched your video, etc. This is low-hanging fruit that every marketer dreams about. Use the tools to make a big splash with your audience – and leave the toilet splashing for other things.

Relevancy, Relevancy, Relevancy

Your audience thinks you are irrelevant. Yet Facebook is all about relevancy. The platform is set up to respond to the “news of the day” or changes in trends, etc. Your Facebook marketing should capitalize on this ability and custom tailor marketing content that hits people at the time when their motivation to process your message is at its peak. Every post that targets millennials doesn’t need to mention Coachella or include a duck-faced selfie, for your audience will know when you are trying too hard. Still, content tied to current events, pop culture, holidays and other timely events, can quickly differentiate your brand from the millions of “lazy” marketers on Facebook. And don’t forget that, as your audience responds, your page is watching. So check out your page’s audience insights regularly and learn more about those who interact with your page.


Do you want to know even more ways to ensure your Facebook marketing passes the test? If you really want the answer, talk to an expert as to how best to reach your audience through social media. Contact us at info@pollackgroup.com.

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