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TPG created the Noemi Pollack Scholarship in honor of its CEO and founder and to mark the agency’s 35th anniversary in 2020.
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The Gift of Memorial Day

Agency CEO and founder Noemi Pollack reflects on what Memorial Day means to her in the context of today's global world.

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An Agency Birthday Worth Counting...

Reflecting on the agency's 37 years of PR and marketing, and the secrets to staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly interconnected and wired world.

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The Workplace Dilemma: To Return-To-Office or Not...

Like many companies, our agency’s plan had always been to open post-Labor Day, albeit it in a hybrid way. Clearly there is a new normal, but with adaptability and flexibility, we are making it “our new normal.”

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Global Executives Paying Less Attention To ESG, DEI, and Customer Satisfaction Per Latest Worldcom Confidence Index

Trends, warning signs and opportunities, revealed by the latest AI-powered Worldcom Confidence Index.

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The New Normal: Rethinking Staffing Communications - How To Effectively Recruit And Retain Staff

How do companies attract and retain talent through effective communication? Agency president Stefan Pollack shares his insight.

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Worldcom Public Relations Group #WorldcomWorks Helps Solve The Toughest Communications Challenges For Clients And Our Partners

What is the "Worldcom Way", and how has this partnership been successful for the agency for more than 20 years?

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Mastering The Trade Show Game

How do brands leverage trade shows and conferences for marketing success? Check out tips from experts.

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red all about itInteresting Reads: Marketing Magic For Holiday Miracles

How do marketers boost awareness and sales this holiday season? Here are expert tips and case analyses.

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red all about itRallying Media And Influencers To Attend The USA Pickleball Nationals

Working with USA Pickleball, the agency leveraged earned media and influencer relations to spread local and regional awareness for an upcoming competition.

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